Watch This

Keep Data in Front of You


1. Log your “true” weight Friday morning in JAM system. You can do this at home, kiosk or phone.

2. Monday check your weight to see how you did over the weekend. Lower calories (200) for Mon/Wed.

3. Tracking body fat helps confirm lean muscle gain or loss.  

4. Increases in lean body mass are desirable- look better naked.


Pay attention to your data

Although it is easy to get obsessed, checking your weight on a regular schedule is a valuable tool.  What gets measured, gets managed. Link to your dashboard.

Using the Bio Impedence Monitor

Directions are at the front of JAM near the kiosks.  Try to guess your approximate bodyfat by looking at the poster.  It is an eye-opener. Want a preview- watch this.

Fat Versus Muscle

5lbs of fat burns 20 calories a day. 5 pounds of muscle burns 250 calories a day. 1lb. of muscle takes 17% less room than a pound of body fat.

You can weigh the same but still be leaner and healthier.

None of the information contained here should be mistaken for medical advice.  Please consult a physician BEFORE starting any fitness or nutritional program.