meet Mike “JAM” Prosnick

Mike and Family


My Story.
 My Mission.

“Do what makes you great, but not always happy.”

Personal Journey

Hi My name is Mike “JAM” Prosnick. Before we work together, I think you need to know a little about how a fat kid became a fitness trainer or as I call it…my story.

I was one of the lucky ones. I grew up in a family filled with unconditional love.  The best part was no judgements but the not so great part was how it contributed to my unhealthy eating habits as a kid. A typical afternoon snack was a half a jar of peanut butter, an entire row of Ritz crackers and whole milk to wash it down.

Yes, I was a growing boy, but my behaviors created some not so good habits over time.

A turning point was when, at the age of 13, my older cousin walked into our  grandmother’s house, looked right at me eating a cookie and said “Get out of my girlfriend’s chair, fatso”.

I was crushed.

From that moment, I was on a mission.

I wanted to find a new way to do things like eat right and exercise.  I lost 40lbs in a single summer by overtraining , undereating and truly just smelling ice cream. It was not the healthy way, but I was driven to show my cousin what I could do. Sadly, he died in a motorcycle accident before I could ever show him I was no longer a fatso. I will never be able to thank him enough for helping me find my true passion in life thru fitness.  34 years later, Robert, I am forever grateful and I love you. Thank you for showing me that every day counts and what it means to have purpose.

I believe I am here for one reason, to help anyone who has ever felt like that 13 year old kid, and to inspire them to find a healthy way to create fitness in their lives.

Family Life 

Although loving and supportive, my parents Mike and Denise, never promised me that life would be easy. And they were right.

Hard work was a part of my life from a young age.  The youngest of three, and always the youngest in my grade, I learned that being last is not always bad. It gives you great vantage point to learn from the ones who are ahead of you. Then it is merely about practicing daily until you get better. It was hard work, but it made me resilient. I never give up.

Practice does not solve everything though.  And accepting failure in business and marriage were big hurdles, but they were also important lessons. I know more about what I can handle, how to move forward in rough times and not to be too hard on myself or those around me.  We all have missteps, mistakes and failures. I learned humility. I never give up. 

Years later, I have found my wife for life Alysse. We have 2 wonderful boys and have been blessed with great furry family members as well.  I wake up each day with gratitude and a servant mentality.  I give without expecting to receive, I know I am living my purpose, and I do my best to pay it forward.  I do the daily. I learned gratitude. I never give up.


Business Ventures

After college I moved to Atlanta t0 sell gym memberships and change lives. I excelled at sales, but it began to fall flat when I realized I was locking people into a payment without clear direction or a program to get them what they were paying for.

I pivoted, and became a personal trainer, and became the first at SportsLife to lead both membership AND personal training sales.

My philosophy was simple:  Serve each member like you would want your mother to be treated.  That means, even if they never paid you a dollar, they left educated and with a direction. I was very successful. This is because I truly believe in training and the benefits it can bring to someone’s life.

Soon, a larger, less personal company came in. The director told me that my opinion did not matter, and that I would do it his way.  I walked away from my lucrative job that day, with not much more than the belief that the member’s experience was the ultimate priority.  Shortly after that, I created a company called BodyWorkz, and since you cannot build something great alone, I surrounded myself with an amazing team.  We created a software platform and sales process to onboard, manage and engage gym members.  At its peak, we worked with over 3000 personal trainers, 2000 health clubs and millions of members.  Success felt great, but I realized that the PERSONALIZED member experience was getting lost. It was time to move on.

My next venture was smaller, but infinitely more satisfying.  I created a fitness center unlike any other.  We developed completely new technology and ways to drive human behavior. For 5 years we honed our craft, tested, failed and tested again.  But we created something amazing, truly.


1st 10 People Only



You can help me shape the future of fitness by training with me. I am taking on no more than 10 personal training clients to work with me in my private gym, and help me help the fintess community.

Unfortunately, COVID19 has made the world rethink many things- one of which is how we do fitness.  Time to pivot again.

My partners and I took the software, the programming and all that we have learned from our brick and mortar location and left the club business. Now our goal is to service all the wonderful fitness professionals across the globe through this amazing platform.

But I am not ready to leave training- my first love.  So I have decided to take on private clients, return to my roots and continue to serve the fitness community.

The next chapter will be the best and I hope you join us by being more, giving more and serving more. I learned business and life dies when you stop moving. Don’t be average! Never quit! JAM!


1st 10 People Only