Personal Training

*1st 10 People ONLY

Just About Me Fitness is a sanitized and clean private fitness studio that combines personal coaching and the latest in technology to create your fitness lifestyle.

Success Stories- What Will YOU Become?

How JAM is different~

Personalized Workouts

Want to lose weight? Get stronger?  Make a total transformation?  I will coach you in workouts that are gender and fitness level specific and customized specifically for you.


Find fitness beyond the scale with milestones on your personal dashboard.  Set your baselines of calories, weight, workouts, strength, and cardio exercises. Then we will do one milestone per workout to see  your improvements 

Nutrition & Calorie Awareness

Calorie awareness is SHOCKING!  Together we will track your calories, target the right balance, learn to make better choices and create a lifestyle you can live with and stick with.

Science Based

Heart rate training gives you information that makes EVERY workout better.  Knowledge is power. You’ll receive a workout summary after every workout for tracking.

*1st 10 People ONLY

Just About Me (JAM)

Private, Personal Coaching

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